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The public school system is one of the most important American institutions ever created. The education of our population is the most important task any government can provide, and is rightly allocated to the states to govern. Unfortunately, the Republican-led legislature has consistently chosen to underfund public schools at the expense of your children and families. This has a direct impact on the quality of our children’s education and ultimately on our ability as Texans to effectively compete in today’s marketplace. As your representative, my foremost concern will be to address the serious issues that are limiting our education system.

Local Control

Each community in Texas has its own unique character and values that inherently derive from our local governments, not from Austin. It is entirely appropriate for our local governments to make local policies, which understand the needs of the people. As your State Representative I will work to ensure that local governments are free to determine the best policies for local matters. Texas has several real challenges deserving attention, and this recently manufactured political issue should not be used to waste precious legislative time.

Property Taxes

For too long, individual property owners have shouldered too much of the tax burden. We need to seriously examine the unfair burden on individual citizens and adopt a more equitable approach across all property owners in the State of Texas.

Women’s Rights

The Republican Party’s denial of equal rights to women and equal access to healthcare – ironically under the guise of women’s health – is both disingenuous and discriminatory. There can be no excuse for intentionally limiting or foreclosing access to healthcare options for half of Texas’ population. This effort is a waste of limited legislative resources and nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to legislate personal religious beliefs. The right to choose what to do with one’s body is extended to all citizens of the State of Texas, not just men.

Equality for All

All Texans are entitled to equal treatment before the law. I will not support legislation that targets or discriminates against my fellow Texans.


In September 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers evaluated seven categories of infrastructure. According to the evaluation (the first since 2012), Texas received “at-risk” rankings for its dams, drinking water, flood control, highways and roads, and wastewater. Although Texas received “adequate” rankings for its aviation and bridges, it should be obvious to all citizens that a dedicated focus towards rebuilding our great state is in order.

Child Services

Texas is still working to overhaul an agency charged with protecting Texas’ most vulnerable citizens. Although the agency has recently received marginal raises and additional recognition to stem the agency’s turnover rate, additional resources should be invested to ensure that the individuals who dedicate their lives to serving the most at-risk residents have sufficient resources to do so.