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My name is Rockwell Bower, and I am a Democrat running to be your State Representative for the 115th District of the Texas House of Representatives.

About Me

I was born in Houston and raised in Dallas, attending J.J. Pearce High School. In my post-graduate education, I attended universities and held legal clerkships in California, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. I am now an attorney with a top-ranked national firm where I specialize in commercial litigation and data privacy.

Growing up working for my father’s small business, I quickly learned the value of a strong work ethic and the importance of a quality result. In both my professional and educational experiences, I have found that hard work and honest communication yield the most positive results.

Like in many families, all sides of the political spectrum are represented in mine. I do not hold ideological extremes on any issues, but believe that the best approach contains elements of many political philosophies. I am running as a Democrat because I believe that the Republican Party has become out of touch with fundamental elements of fairness and equality, and is wrongly prioritizing irrelevant political issues rather than focusing on fiscal concerns.

Why Me?

I share your concerns regarding education, property taxes, women’s rights and equality for all, infrastructure, and children’s health (including foster care, protective services, and mental health needs). While we may disagree on the means, I believe that these are basic concerns that affect all citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

In life, business, and politics, there should be no differences in the information we rely upon to make these decisions. We should encourage reasoned debate on both sides of the issue that relies upon objective data rather than subjective opinion. We must not relent in our commitment to demand truth and consistency in the information our elected officials tell us.

My commitment to you is to be candid and open about my approach to the issues facing our cities and our state. This includes not only seeking your voice on pending legislation, but openly sharing the data and information that form the basis of my reasoned opinions and my legislative approach. Open dialogue and debate of the issues facing our neighbors and friends should be embraced, not discouraged.

As a citizen representing other citizens, I have the privilege and responsibility of listening to you and working to bring impactful change on serious issues facing our District. I believe that this commitment is not currently being fulfilled, which is why I am seeking to be your State Representative for the 115th District of Texas.

If elected, I will work for an economically stronger Texas from an objective and honest approach. I hope you will support this mission and my campaign.